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The real Aries Horoscope revealed by a world-famous astrologer. If your birth date falls between March 21 and April 20, your zodiac sign is Aries.

A financial boost will help raise quality of life. Neglect of the family may be resented by spouse and threatens to lead to an ugly situation. Important property matters can be taken up today. You may not like certain things happening around you, but it is best not to make an issue of it. A physical activity will keep you fit.

Leo- Think before you leap! March 20-26, 2017

Earning will remain steady and make your financial front strong. Some problems regarding duty timings at work will need to be resolved in an amicable manner.

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A property dispute which was giving some sleepless nights is likely to be resolved amicably. Health will remain excellent as you take all precautionary measures to counter the cold. Financial strength will help you turn your ideas into action. Help may not be forthcoming in completing an important assignment at work. You can be instrumental in the success of a family youngster.

Performance of a family youngster on the academic front may leave much to be desired, but it will not be a hopeless situation. A packaged tour may take you someplace exotic. Review your study circle, if you are feeling a bit left behind. Avoid wayside food at all cost. Some of you will finally be able to buy a vehicle or an expensive appliance. Love Focus: A chance to spend some time in solitude with lover may not come about despite your efforts.

Steer clear of a grouchy family elder.

Weather is likely to add to your enjoyment in a long drive today. You may start thinking in terms of property. A secret mission that you are undertaking will be a success.

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Compensating bad eating habits with regular workouts will be the correct way of burning off calories. Promised money may not come to you today. Love Focus: Striking a good understanding with a friend of the opposite gender will prove helpful in your romantic pursuit. You will be able to settle down in a new accommodation without much problem.

If Your Zodiac Sign Is Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Do something about a situation before it puts you in the dock. A family elder may delight you by paying a surprise visit. Health remains satisfactory through your own efforts. Someone is going to look after your financial well-being by extending monetary help. A business trip is likely to bag you a good deal.

With a need to hide their dark side and put an emphasis on the bright one, they could shield themselves from intimacy itself and forget to open their heart for the right person standing in front of them. Once they connect deepest emotions with healthy sexual expression that doesn't restrict them in any way, they will know that they are finally on the right track.

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Everyone born on March 20th excels in different types of analysis, psychology, and theory that explains things that are out of the ordinary and deep in our unconscious world. They often become scientists and their search for answers rarely ends on a simple level of curiosity or education.

They need depth and significance in anything they approach and think about, and their feelings are their best guiding light towards success and personal expression. To forgive themselves and people who bruised them, those born on March 20th should have rhodonite in their crystal collection. It will trigger incredibly deep compassion, understanding, and set them free from fear of emotional connecting.

This crystal is the one to cleanse blockages in the heart chakra and their emotional world, and gives incredible support during recovery from traumatic experiences.

Your Horoscope for the Week of March 20

It will also remind them of hidden and forgotten talents they haven't been aware of and help them find a way to use them. To truly touch the heart of anyone born on this date, you have to dig deep in their emotional world and see what they crave for. This is one of the most difficult dates when it comes to the choice of the perfect present, for they tend to keep their emotions distant from themselves, let alone everyone else.

The best choice is to do something to remind them of their childhood, especially if you share something from the past that can be put in a treasure box and on their night table. Choose a photo album, an amateur movie of friends speaking about everything they love about them or something that will connect the impersonal image with emotion they carry within. Deeply emotional, compassionate and ready to sacrifice their heart for people they love. They are devoted, passionate, and truly dedicated to any person that touches their heart.

Jealous and possessive, they often form symbiotic relationships that leave little room for movements without control or doors to set free. Pisces - traits, personality, dates, characteristics and astrological sign information. Love planet Venus is in your opposite sign, Aquarius, from March 1 to March While Leo seeks acceptance, Aquarius thrives on rebelliousness. Let others speak so that you can hear them spill the beans during Mercury retrograde , which starts on March 5 and ends on March During this time, slippery secrets will be inadvertently revealed.

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This is also a good time to expect calls from people to whom you owe money. You are steadfast and persistent in your career pursuits, as your house of career is overlooked by Taurus. With rebellious Uranus entering Taurus on March 6 , after being in Aries for the past seven years, you can expect some innovation in your typically traditional career approach.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, and with this freewheeler at the top of your chart, you'll earn recognition for being different.