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The real Aries Horoscope revealed by a world-famous astrologer. If your birth date falls between March 21 and April 20, your zodiac sign is Aries.

The yoga at the time of the birth influences the personality and gives the yogi and avayogi planets. The yogas are connected to the Nakshtras but are different from the planetary Nakshtras. Yogi planet and Yogi Point. Yogi planet is a planet for prosperity and avayogi give the opposite results. The exact degree of the yoga becomes the yogi point. The ruler of the Nakshtra where this point is yogi planet and the ruler of the Rashi the Nakshtra is in is known as the duplicate yogi.

Yoga (Hindu astrology)

The 6 th Nakshtra from the yogi Nakshtra is the avayogi Nakshtra and its ruler is the avayogi planet. Yogi point is an extremely positive degree in the natal chart, when benefics transit over this point, you can expect major material success. The house where the yogi planet is placed in the chart gets enhanced. Avayogi can cause trouble. The duplicate yogi is also a planet that helps.

There is no duplicate avayogi. The dasha of yogi planets give good results and avayogi will give negative. The principle of yogi and avayogi planets is supplementary information that enhances the natal analysis. While they have the ability to alter the final judgement, they are not the only factor to consider.

Vishkumbha supported. Priti fondness.

Vedic Astrology 3 | Jai Guru Dev

Attract, Enjoyment. Ayushman longlived. Shubhagya good fortune. Yoga Point —P. Sobhana splendour. Beauty, Sensual. Yoga Point —U. Destructive, Struggle but clever.

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Sukarma virtuous. Accomplish, Magnanimity. Avayogi - Ketu. Dhriti determination. Controlling, Determined, Enjoys benefits from others. Shula spear, pain. Pain, Argumentative.

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  4. Ganda danger or obstacles. Addiction, Immoral. Vridditi growth. Dhruva constant.

    Vyaghata beating. Harshana thrilling. Vajra diamond, thunderbolt. Power, Forceful energy. Siddhi success. Vyatipatha calamity. Deceptive, Calamitous. Variyan comfort. Parigha obstruction. Inimical, Meddlesome but weatlhy. Shiva auspicious.


    Auspicious Learned, Honoured. Siddha accomplished. Sadhya amenable. Shubha auspicious. Shukla bright white. In the meantime, happy reading for further research. Astrologically yours, 27th March Anthony Writer 7. Chandulal Patel Prof. Gopal D. Modi Prof. Jinabai G. Lad who taught me the use who instilled a of the Vargas and scientific temperament Asthakavarga in the study of Astrology Prof. Forbes Prof. Thakur Prof. Sharad C. Member, M. Mani Ms. O Beauteous One, Nothing else is the truth!!

    - गंडयोग- वृद्धियोग- ध्रुवयोग- जन्म फल_- Gandyog- Vridhiyog- Dhruvyog- in Astrology_भाग-4

    I It is the duty of all human beings to strive to achieve that knowledge. Words do fail me to express the impact created on the mind. The Lord or the Reality which is all-pervasive and ever-present in each and every thing in this universe is veiled due to our ignorance. He who is the Kartaa Purakh, the one Doer, or Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer, He alone takes the form of the Guru to liberate us from the bondage of samsaara. Guru is the Creator, Brahma. Guru is the Sustainer, Vishnu. Guru is the Destroyer, Shiva. Guru is the Lord of the Universe.

    Guru alone is the Absolute Reality, the Param Brahma. Unto that noble Teacher, my humble prostrations. As human beings, we need the support of our fellow men in various ways. In this regard, I would frankly state that I did take assistance and support in some form or the other. Therefore, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the following persons, who were very kind to offer my their assistance and support all throughout: - Shri Satish Sawant, P. Our friendship during the last two decades has been maintained very cordially and he had assisted me many a times.

    Even the printing of this book would not see the light of the days without his support and generosity. Alka Chaturvedi, a very successful Jotisha Visharadha student, and consultant in many ways. She has been generous and kind to me and many others. Raosaheb Shinde, D. Shashikant E. Shinde, D.

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