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The real Aries Horoscope revealed by a world-famous astrologer. If your birth date falls between March 21 and April 20, your zodiac sign is Aries.

The Emperor signifies the qualities of leadership with amazing charisma. You are a born leader and have the ability to achieve any goal you dream. The card speaks of your loyalty and showcases your affection to stick with your closed ones at every stage. The Emperor as your tarot card asks you to use your authority and decisiveness to follow your dreams. Taurus, you are ruled by The Hierophant.

Pisces horoscope and tarot reading

Your Tarot represents you as a spiritual person or a person with higher wisdom. You have all the qualities to mentor others to seek their true and conventional path. The card speaks of you as a learned man and asks you to learn more in order to pursue your passion. The Hierophant is the card of virtue with the message of searching the truth of your life. Gemini, The Lovers is your tarot card for the zodiac sign. Like your traits, the Lovers speaks of your dual nature and partnership skills. It indicates the crossroads of two choices where you need to choose one that is more ethical.

The card as your tarot is the sign that you need to be decisive and look for long term goals rather than sticking with small moments of pleasure. The Lovers as tarot is more a bit of advice for seeking commitments and personal integrity. The Chariot is your card, Cancer. In tarot reading for zodiac signs , the Chariot stands as a strong and dominant person.


You are self-driven and focused on your goals. Being ruled by water sign, you exhibit through various changes. The Chariot here reminds you to adapt through changes and take risks coming out of the secure environment. You, Leo, own the tarot of Strength in the tarot card reading for your zodiac. Like your symbol, the tarot card speaks of courage and immense physical strength. It is an indication that you have the power to conquer and hold amazing control over your emotions, feelings, mental and spiritual sphere.

The appearance of Strength is a sign that your strength will be tested and at that time you must leave your ego and choose humbleness for success. The Hermit is your card, Virgo.


It is the card of solitude and shows your sensitivity towards the deceits of the outer world. The card advises you to take the time for yourself and think over self-introspection.

The Star Reversed

It asks you to explore yourself deeply and look over the real purpose of life to gain success and happiness. This is also an indication that you must open up yourself and share your knowledge with others. You Libra can only be represented best with the Tarot card of Justice.

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The card in the tarot card reading is the sign of balance, fairness, and harmony. As a tarot card for your zodiac sign, it asks you to weigh your needs with worldly desires so that you may fairly balance your life at every aspect. Justice in tarot card readings is also an advice that you must not always seek perfection but try to accept your flaws and create harmony. Scorpio, your Tarot Card is Death. Unlike its literal meaning, the card in tarot card reading is the sign of change and transformation to new. It tells you to leave the past and transform yourself into a new and healthy you.

The cards know you Scorpio and reflect your true nature to leave the old layers. It talks about your ability to detach yourself from the endings which you need to realize for peace and solace in life. Sagittarius, you are impatient and that is why you have got the Tarot of temperance for your zodiac sign. The card in tarot card readings is an indication of patience in every work.

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  • Each of the cards have a meaning and spiritual symbolism; however, in due time, you will come up with your own interpretation. This, of course, is when it starts to get fun. Truth is, once you get your hands on a deck, and actually start dabbling into the magic of tarot, your intuition will sky rocket; it's only a matter of time, trust me. The fact that you're taking the time to sit with yourself, your deck, and spirit, you are allowing your intuition to speak for itself. That's what I like to call, working your craft. With that said, here's the tarot deck you should consider, according to your zodiac sign:.

    Nothing says Aries more than "She Wolfe," right? Not only is this deck totally gorgeous, but it also depicts the theme of Goddess power, Ancient Egypt and dreamy vintage imagery. Designed by artist and writer Devany Wolfe , the She Wolfe tarot is bold, luscious, and overflowing with divine flavor. Sound familiar, Aries?

    Reveal Your Zodiac Sign's Tarot Card

    This majestic deck is a must-have for the Queen of Venus herself. Granted, this isn't the most affordable deck; however, aside from the featured art being absolutely stunning, the 78 card gold gilded deck was printed on GSM linen card stock with a matte lamination, so you can just imagine the quality finish. Plus, they also sparkle in the sun! The Pastel Magic tarot deck is colorful, eclectic, and full of information - just like Gemini. There's nothing this air sign loves more than to be mentally stimulated, and the entire theme of this card deck, is everything they need to keep busy.

    The witch is in!

    Cancer is a child of the ever-changing moon, and this Moon Power deck will be their new best friend. This water sign is highly intuitive, as they are known for inheriting their clairvoyance from the maternal side of their family. Are you ready to make your great-great-great grandmother proud, Cancer babe? This deck has Leo's name written all over it. It's loud, flamboyant, and oh-so-magical. Belated birthday gift for Leo? Feeling witchy, Virgo? The Fountain tarot is a re-envisioning of the classic tarot deck, bringing the traditional archetypes and symbolism of tarot into a contemporary context.

    It's time to start channeling your inner priestess, Virgo. Did you know that Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac? I know, this deck couldn't be more appropriate.